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Mobiles hangover cots or cribs and are known as baby mobiles or cot mobiles. As long as the baby is lying down, this is essential in the first few months of life. Besides keeping them entertained, and lulling them to sleep, it also keeps them calm.

This place is perfect if you intend to buy yourself something to hang on your baby’s crib. These five baby mobiles are among the best on the market.

These Are The Top 6 Things That Hang Over Baby Cribs

  • Tiny Love Meadow Mobile

Featuring three colorful spinning toys, this baby mobile is perfect for any little one. The toys are topped with flaps with black and white designs to stimulate the senses. There are five melodies on the mobile that can be played continuously for 30 minutes. There’s no need to keep turning it on every couple of minutes.

Mobiles are not only something that hangs above the crib. They can also be attached to strollers, carriers, and bassinets. The three ways in which it can be attached make it compatible with the products you have in your home. This way, you can keep your child occupied everywhere you go.

  • Sorrel + Fern Baby Crib Mobile

You can’t go wrong with this gorgeous crib mobile from Sorrel + Fern if you’re searching for a straightforward crib mobile. You can choose between two design options. Among the colors are a pretty evergreen with a fox and a mountain-like pattern in a woodland setting. A nursery with an animal theme or a forest theme would benefit greatly from either of these options.

A 3D design makes the figures stand out to your baby so he or she will be able to identify it more easily. Putting a new spin on a classic mobile approach is another important benefit of this approach. It does not feature any lights or sounds. Soft stimulation may be ideal for a child who is more prone to being stimulated in this way. Furthermore, this woodland crib mobile is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic due to the use of natural materials.

  • KiddoLab Baby Crib Mobile

The colorful pet toys and stars above the baby crib make this a very beautiful spinning thing. You will be amazed at how much your baby enjoys watching these twirls. In addition to projecting stars and the moon on the ceiling, this mobile features an overhead projector as well.

Besides calming sounds, it has two ways to play soothing songs. If you choose the first option, the music will play for 15 minutes and then stop. Having soothing lullabies and nature sounds on continuously is another option.

  • Tiny Love Classic Mobile, Into the Forest

This cute Into the Forest mobile from Tiny Love is perfect for babies who respond better to brighter colors. There are three adorable woodland creatures as well as bold colors used in the mobile. If the black and white spirals fail to capture their attention, the three spirals in black and white might be helpful in engaging their visual capabilities.

Because it is battery-powered, it does not require electricity to spin. Besides the music box, there is also a gentle nightlight when your baby needs to be calmed. Whether you choose to use all three functions simultaneously or begin introducing them one at a time is up to you. 20 minutes after turning it on, it shuts off automatically.

This mobile grows with your baby, which makes it even better. If you don’t want to hang anything from their crib, you have the option of using the music box, which they can learn to operate themselves.

  • Manhattan Toy Infant Stim-Mobile

You should choose this baby mobile if your main concern is your baby’s development rather than entertaining him or her. Like other things that hang over a baby crib, it doesn’t come with music or projectors. The purpose of this mobile is to help your baby develop his or her vision. There are hanging cards of various designs with highly contrasting colors included in the set.

Different levels of stimulation are provided by the different designs of the cards, which are labeled according to age. Interchangeable cards are available in ten different designs. Additionally, this mobile can be adjusted for the length you prefer so it grows with your child. This prevents the baby from reaching it, as well as bringing it closer to a newborn.

There is more to your baby’s development than just visual development. Along with eye-hand coordination, the mobile also enhances self-awareness, gross motor skills, and a sense of object permanence.

  • Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

It comes in two versions, a 2-in-1 Projection Mobile and a 3-in-1 Projection Mobile, making it ideal for soothing and entertaining your baby while they sleep. Designed with four simple and colorful animal toys that differ greatly from one another, this toy can help teach your baby the difference between different animals and shapes. Besides hanging at a comfortable height, they allow you to focus more easily. With this battery-operated mobile, you can select 1 of 3 musical settings. You can play classic lullabies and even nature sounds or even a heartbeat sound.

To engage more of your baby’s senses, you can play the fun projection along with the music. Until it automatically shuts off after 20 minutes of usage, it offers up to 20 minutes of entertainment. The mobile can be removed from the crib once your child has outgrown it and replaced with a new music box.

Final Thoughts

Now that you learned what that thing hanging over your baby’s crib is called, you can bring life to his or her nursery with the appropriate mobile.

Various toys may be more stimulating to your baby than others, so you may want to try them all out to see which one he or she prefers. It is fine to guide their visual and audio development while lying still on their backs, provided that they are properly installed and a safe distance away.