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A toddler requires anywhere between 12 and 16 hours of sleep a day depending on their age. The number of hours of sleep includes their naps. When your baby was an infant, their schedule would be determined by the schedule you set for them. Many toddlers take one or two naps each day. All babies and children are different. You may want to consider removing naps from your child’s schedule if he or she likes to stay up late. The results may surprise you. The only difference is that you do not get this small break during the day, but you can take it at night.

You should move your child out of the toddler bed when she weighs 50 pounds or more. It’s easy to tell that your baby is outgrowing her bed when she holds her head upon it and has less room than she used to when she lay in it. Your child can transition into a single or a double bed after he or she has grown out of his or her toddler bed.

Kids tend to become attached to the things they possess, especially if they have had it for quite some time. When it’s time to get some adult furniture in a child’s room, he or she might develop an intense attachment to his or her toddler bed. Standard crib mattresses aren’t large enough for toddlers, so they won’t fit forever in toddler beds. Weight and height restrictions are common on toddler beds, so your child will eventually need to move into a bigger bed.

What is the Age When a Child Should Move Up from a Toddler Bed?

Having a toddler bed is a unique experience for the kids. The old toddler bed won’t probably be on your list of top priorities if you are like most people. Your kids are precious to you, and you want to keep them little for as long as possible. One of the things that remind you of your toddler when he or she was a baby is the toddler bed.

There comes a time when you must just say goodbye to your child’s toddler bed, no matter how strongly attached you and your child are to it. We’ve put together a list of tell-tale signs you should pay attention to so you’ll know when a child is too big for a toddler bed and when it’s time for a regular bed.

A New Bed Is Necessary When Your Child Has These 4 Signs

  • There’s not enough space for your little toddler

It is not commonly found for toddler bed mattresses to be very wide, even though they are typically about 52 inches long. Compared to an average crib mattress, these mattresses are only 28 inches wide. When your growing child is sleeping in a toddler bed when they are too big for it, they are likely to roll out and fall making their sleep a miserable experience. Your child should be able to stretch out comfortably in the toddler bed. If they don’t fit anymore, you should get a bigger bed.

  • The school year has begun for your child

Beds for toddlers are not meant to be used by school-age children. Even if you don’t want to get rid of the toddler bed the moment your child starts school, the fact that your child is in kindergarten means it’s time to switch to a bigger bed.

  • Make sure you pay attention to weight restrictions

Despite the fact that toddlers aren’t very big, growing kids can gain a lot of weight quickly. Typically, toddler beds are designed to accommodate 50 pounds or less. The toddler bed may need to be replaced before it collapses due to your child going through a growth spurt and gaining significant weight.

  • It’s time to get something new for your child

It is common for kids to believe they are no longer babies, and that they are ready to move on to big kid stuff. You should probably replace the bed if your little one talks about wanting a new one.

What You Can Do To Make A Change

It’s important to make the transition from a toddler to a larger bed an exciting experience so that your child will look forward to it. Pick out the bed and choose the sheets, bedspread, and pillows with your child. Don’t forget that your child isn’t a baby anymore. Allow them to do their own themes if they wish, such as cars or princesses. Consider throwing a bed party with healthy snacks and games for your child if they’re hesitant to get rid of their old bed.

Encourage Them To Stay In Bed

You can increase the sense of security for your toddler by adding a night light to his or her room if you haven’t done so already. Also, it keeps the nursery safer if they get up in the middle of the night. Your little one can wake up at a specific time when an alarm clock changes colors. Bringing some fun to waking up can encourage your child to stay in bed and help them sleep better at night. Children can also learn to stay in bed by reading books about sleeping in a toddler bed and getting to bed at the same time.

Keep your little one’s new toddler bed in mind and don’t get discouraged if it takes them a few days to get used to it. You can make the transition from crib to toddler bed easier by getting a new crib mattress and keeping a bedtime routine, as well as adding night lights to their bedroom. 

Always put safety first

You shouldn’t forget that bigger beds also create new risks, such as a longer fall distance if the child rolls out in the middle of the night. By implementing safety measures, children should not be allowed to the top bunk until they are at least six years old, and side rails should be installed. 

It can be difficult for parents and kids alike to get rid of the toddler bed. Whenever your child grows up, try not to get devastated by the fact that he or she is moving on, but instead, be happy and enjoy these younger years.